Hemp oil side effect

Hemp oil side effects

Hemp oil has many good properties and can have a positive effect on body and organism. It is good for cardiovascular health, can regulate cholesterol and high blood pressure and is excellently applicable to skin diseases like psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. In addition, the extraordinary oil can be applied internally as well as externally and thus can act twice. Of course, many wonder how it looks with the side effects of hemp oil. But you do not have to be scared. Because on the one hand it does not have an intoxicating effect, since there is no THC or at most 0.2 percent, and secondly, the hemp oil is a purely herbal product, which has virtually no side effects.

Hemp oil for children and seniors

Hemp oil is pure vegetable and thus it can also eat children and seniors. It has virtually no side effects, even in larger quantities. An overdose is therefore excluded. Of course, allergic reactions can occur again and again in very sensitive people. Even vegetable oils can contain substances that individuals can not tolerate. For this reason, the hemp oil should first be applied externally and the skin site should be closely monitored. If redness or small pustules occur, this is an allergic reaction and hemp oil should therefore not be consumed. However, this is extremely rare and even on the net you will hardly find reports of people who have allergic reactions.

Nevertheless, of course, with all remedies, including vegetable oils caution and it should be tested beforehand. If there are no redness or skin reactions, the hemp oil can also be consumed.

Hemp oil - What to do if your skin is allergic?

However, if the skin does show redness and is allergic to hemp oil, it is usually not life-threatening. The place to which the hemp oil has been applied should then be washed off with a little lukewarm water, using a mild soap is also possible. Thereafter, the area should either be dried in the air or applied to a strong itching a natural and perfume-free cream or lotion. Within a few hours, the allergic reaction usually disappears again.

Hemp oil - Side effects of internal use

Even when consuming hemp oil, there are no normal side effects. But even here, it can, in people with a sensitive stomach, at the beginning of the intake to very mild stomach discomfort, since he must first get used to the body to the oil. Therefore, it should never be taken on an empty stomach. Also should be started with small amounts, which then increases slowly. It has proven useful to use the hemp oil in salads at the beginning and not to take pure. So the body can slowly and easily get used to the oil and there are no side effects.

Hemp oil has many good benefits and only in rare cases, the above-mentioned side effects occur. The excellent cannabis oil is so mild and well tolerated that it can even be taken by children. If you want to do yourself and your body good, you should not miss the hemp oil and let the valuable ingredients on the body and organism act.

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