CBD ointment Cannabidiol Cream

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2% CBD Ointment Cream 50ml Cannabidiol Soft

CBD Ointment Cream 2% 50ml Cannabidiol "Soft"

 CBD (cannabidiol): 2% = 1000mg CBD (50ml each)

24.99 *

5% CBD Ointment Cream 50ml Cannabidiol "Standard"

CBD Ointment Cream 5% 50ml Cannabidiol "Standard"

 CBD (cannabidiol): 5% = 2500mg CBD (50ml each)

44.99 *

10% CBD Ointment Cream 50ml Cannabidiol "Ultra"

CBD Ointment Cream 10% 50ml Cannabidiol "Ultra"

 CBD (cannabidiol): 10% = 5000mg CBD (50ml each)

74.99 *
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CBD ointment Cannabidiol Cream

CBD ointment Cannbidiol Cream

The soothing Balmsam for stressed skin!

With the CBD ointment an optimally compatible Cannabidiol balm has been developed for the most sensitive, very demanding skin. In combination with nourishing oils of coconut, shea nut and grape seed as well as cocoa butter and extracts of rosemary and real vanilla, the CBD ointment is a real treat even for stressed skin.

Vapetecc CBD ointment does not contain THC. He can not cause psychoactive reactions. Its application is 100% safe and 100% legal.

The power of nature
There are many different ways to stabilize your physical balance. The good thing about it: The most effective ones are in your hands.

In each of us are naturally large body-own protective forces. Mobilizing our body's own defense system is a natural process to stay healthier or effectively support recovery processes.

The decision to support personal well-being and vitality with valuable ingredients from nature today already gives many people a good feeling of self-efficacy.

Today we know that more than 80 effective ingredients, cannabinoids, are found in hemp. Cannabinoids - also called CBDs - can support a healthy lifestyle in different ways. We have carefully extracted the valuable cannabinoids to make them easy and pleasant to use.

100% natural ingredients
Gentle CO2 extraction
Contains no preservatives or artificial additives
Developed for the external application
Consume after opening within 6 months
The recommendations and information on the use of cannabinoids (CBD) given here are indications of a healthier lifestyle. The diagnosis, treatment and even the prevention of illnesses must always be carried out by a specialist