5% CBD Ointment Cream 50ml Cannabidiol "Standard"

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CBD Ointment Cream 5% 50ml Cannabidiol "Standard"

CBD (cannabidiol): 5% = 2500mg CBD (50ml each)

CBD Ointment Cream 5% 50ml Cannabidiol "Standard"

CBD (cannabidiol): 5% = 2500mg CBD (50ml each)

✅ Benefits of hemp CBD cream: With beeswax for more skin hydration and protective effects // With propolis for antibacterial and antibiotic action // With high-dose CBD content

✅ The application of the CBD cream is very simple: The cream can be used preventively or only in acute conditions. Here you have to massage the cream on the appropriate place for 1 - 2 minutes several times a day. CBD ointments are usually absorbed quickly.

✅ The following complaints can be treated with hemp creams: tensions, pimples, itching, acne, irritated skin, inflamed skin, regeneration, psoriasis, abdominal pain, allergies, muscle and joint pain. Important: The application examples are based on experience and traditions.

✅ CBD has the ability to work from within the body. In addition, the skin can absorb the substance CBD.

✅ Content: 50 ml - Made in Europe

CBD content (cannabidiol):

5% = 2500 mg CBD in 50ml ointment

Certified CBD with purity of 99.2%

- from legal natural hemp.

50ml Airless pump dispenser bottle

CBD value: 5% (50mg cannabidiol per ml)
from CO2 Extration.
Related cannabioids:
Carrier of the active ingredients: water, glycine,
Soybean oil, paraffin, liquidum, glycerol,
Cetearyl alcohol Alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol
Glucoside, stearic acid, polyacrylamide,
Coco Nucifera Oil.

Store cool and dry and protect from direct sunlight. Apply cream 2-3 times daily to affected areas of skin. Avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes.