13 Gorse Bach flower globules 25g

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13 Gorse Bach flower globules 25g

  • Bach flower globules number: 13 German name: Gorse Globuli Group: uncertainty

Ulex europaeus

Product details & mandatory information

Homeopathic remedy

Active ingredients & excipients

Original Bach flower globules Gorse, 25 g

Sales name:

Scatter beads with flower essence

Net filling quantity:
25 g

Sucrose, original Bach flower essence: Gorse (Stechginster).

Instructions for use:
Let 10 globules dissolve on your tongue 4 times a day. Please store below 25 °.

Without alcohol, also suitable for children.

Nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value / energy 1700 kJ (400 kcal)
Fat 0 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 100 g
of which sugar 100 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g

More product information13 Gorse Bach flower globules 25g

Gorse Bach flower globules are small lactate-free sucrose beads on which the Agromony essence is applied. Thanks to this process, the Beech globules are completely alcohol-free. You can safely:

  • Children
  • Pets
  • Alcohol-sensitive and alcoholic people
  • People who reject alcohol for reasons of principle, religion or ideology

be taken. One bead corresponds to a drop of flower essence in liquid form.

Our products are made from the same flowers as the original Bach flowers that Dr. Bach discovered, and following Dr. Bach made entirely by hand.


Gorse Bach flower globules are made entirely by hand by skilled employees. Attention is paid to a particularly gentle and responsible approach. The production is carried out according to the regulations of the homeopathic drug book (based on Hahnemann's instructions) and of course taking into account all of Dr. Brook. During transport, care is taken that there is no x-ray fluoroscopy or the like.


The alcohol-free Gorse globules are filled into brown high-quality pharmacy bottles with a screw cap with a tamper-evident feature. The brown glass of the bottle offers good protection against light. All stockbottles are protection-coded.

Dimensions and weights of 25g bottles:

Weight approx 43g
Diameter approx 24.0mm
Height about 67mm

Preservation and shelf life:

The Gorse Bach flower globules have a shelf life of 10 years and contain no preservatives.

Promise of effectiveness and healing:

Bach flowers are alternative aids. We do not make a statement about healing success or a statement about effectiveness.

Information according to LMIV: Plant extract on sugar balls - Net quantity: 25g - Ingredients: 99.6% sugar, 0.4% Original Bach flowers plant extract Gorse - Nutritional information ø100g: - Calorific value 1711 kJ / 410 kcal - Fat 0g - Of which saturated fatty acids 0g - Carbohydrates 99.5g - Of which sugar 99.5g - Protein 0g - Salt 0g

Homeopathic medicinal product, therefore no therapeutic indication is given.


If symptoms persist, please consult a doctor.


Keep medicine out of the reach of children.

Scatter globules

Composition: in 25g pellets

Contains sucrose (sucrose / sugar)

Note the contents of the package.

25g granules for oral use.

Active ingredient: Gorse Bach flower (homeoph.)