Duration of Action

Hemp oil CBD (cannbidiol) duration of action

When the effects start and how long they last, how best to take CBD and which products we can recommend.

However, several factors play a role for the duration of the CBD effect and the onset of the effect. These include, above all, the type of ingestion and the amount of the dose. In addition, every person is different and every body processes the substance differently, which is why deviations from the following information about the duration of the CBD effect and the period when the effects of CBD begin are possible.

Hemp oil - how long does CBD work?

In general, it can be said that CBD works in the body for between four and eight hours. How long CBD actually works depends on a variety of factors. Everyone is different and reacts differently to CBD. Depending on how receptive you are to the remedy, the effect lasts longer or shorter. The form in which CBD is taken is also important for the duration of the effect. CBD can be smoked, steamed, drizzled as oil under the tongue, taken as a dietary supplement or applied topically in the form of skin creams. As already mentioned, the dosage also plays an important role in influencing the duration of the CBD effect. Not to be forgotten is the quality of the CBD agent you are going for. Another important factor in the length of the CBD effect is the symptom it is trying to combat. Therefore, you can only try out for yourself how long CBD works for your purposes, which form of consumption and dosage is sufficient, and which concentration of CBD is necessary to combat the symptoms.

Hemp Oil - The duration of the CBD effect when consumed as an oil

If you don't want to smoke, you can also vape CBD. To inhale the CBD vapor, however, you need a vaporiser and a CBD oil. The effects of smoking and vaping last for several hours. The second fastest way to feel the effects of CBD is to ingest CBD sublingually, i.e. to drip the oil under the tongue. In this way, the desired effect sets in within a few minutes. In addition to the oil, a spray that contains CBD is also available for this form of administration. The sublingual ingestion is one of the most popular ways to consume CBD. The duration of action is between four and six hours.

Hemp Oil - Other Ways to Consume CBD

If you consume CBD in the form of creams or ointments, it takes a little more than an hour for the effects to occur. In return, the CBD effect lasts for around five hours. CBD can also be taken as a dietary supplement. It can take up to two hours for the desired effect to occur. The onset of action also depends on the last meal and its amount. The CBD-containing dietary supplement works longest on an empty stomach. Dietary supplements with CBD are available as capsules, candies and even as gummy bears as well as in the form of beverages such as juice or tea. After it takes effect, it lasts for up to six hours.