CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

Hemp oil CBD capsules softgel with cannabidiol 5% 10% 20% cannabis oil hemp extract content 30/60 pieces



CBD value: 5% (50mg per ml.) 10% (100mg per ml.) 20% (200mg per ml.)

Associated cannabinoids: CBDa, CBG, CBN, CBC

THC free

The carrier of the active ingredients is BIO hemp oil, the capsules consist of gelatine and glyserol.

Packaging upon delivery:

1 capsule contains 167mg hemp oil

Dosage of CBD oil:

The maximum daily dose of 3 times 1 CBD OIL capsule!

- At the start, start with 2 CBD OIL capsules once a day.

- Start with the smallest possible dose at the beginning of the treatment, because every person can react differently to CBD as a food supplement. It is important to know how your body processes CBD before increasing the daily dosage after 3 to 4 weeks.

- The dosage can vary from person to person. In general, people who are heavier or more physically built require a higher dose of CBD oil. With CBD capsules, however, you can easily adjust the dosage to your personal needs.

Applications of CBD capsules:

How to take:

CBD capsules are only to be taken orally, swallowed with water.

Storage of CBD capsules:

store in the dark

Shelf life of CBD oil:

stored in the dark for 2 years.