CBD E-Juice

CBD e-liquid for e-cigarettes

What is Cannabidiol CBD E-Liquid?

If you like to vape e-cigarettes, CBD e-liquid could be of interest. So you can maybe get one or the other health benefit when vaping - most likely if the CBD liquids are nicotine-free. The valuable cannabidiol can therefore be absorbed through the use of e-cigarettes and possibly also develop its effect in this way.

The properties of CBD cannabidol e-liquid

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main components in cannabis. Those who like to use natural remedies will find an excellent alternative to other herbal remedies in CBD e-liquid.

50mg, 100mg or 200mg - which CBD liquid suits you

The question arises again and again how high the cannabidiol content in the CBD liquid should be or what total amount is worth buying if you want to dose sensibly. Where 50mg is enough for some, others want to go straight to 200mg or more. A strict distinction must be made between the total content of a bottle and the dosage per 100ml.

We say: According to our experience, a higher dose cannot do any harm, but it is usually a good idea to start smaller - just don't rush it.